Geta Marin is a famous hair-stylist that working globally in fashion, beauty and hair style. Her clients have included many celebrities from Romania and she is the Key Hair Stylist for Feeric Fashion Days, Fashion TV Romania, Bucharest Fashion Week, Miss Romania and Next Top Model Romania. Her work has appeared in more publications from Romania, especially front covers. She teaches international master classes and workshops for professional hairstyle artists. When I met her at Feeric Fashion Days I was very surprised about her ability to change a hair style in 5 minutes for 20 models with her team and her communication skills with her own team are an example for many hair stylists in the world.


TPM : Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist ?

Geta Marin: I do not think it was a specific moment because everything came naturally! My grandfather was a barber and probably inspired me since my childhood, I wanted to do beautiful things with my hair!

TPM : How did you get your start in the industry?

Geta Marin: My story is so long and beautiful! I worked for a while in the United States, then I came back in Bucharest and worked with more brands, one of these is well known. But I always wanted my own business, but I always put the passion before money. Currently i have my own academy too and I love teaching people the secrets of this beautiful world!

TPM : What inspires you?

Geta Marin: The passion! Not necessarily knowing everything that is new in fashion because I believe in myself and my imagination, but what inspires me most is Vidal Sassoon, the famous british hairdresser and businessman.

TPM : Which iconic hair styles do you love?

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Geta Marin Academy - Photo by Roxana Enache