Make up Artist Tom Pecheux @ Calliste agency
Hair Stylist David Mallet @ Marie-France Thavonekham Agency Manicurist Anatole Rainey @ B-agency

Photos by André Lucat




Opulent rebellion: a play of contrasts that captures the spirit of the contemporary world, opposing decadence and punk, a refined extravagance with a sense of urban grit. The result, true to the Redemption ethos, is sensual yet full of tension, and elegant with a twist. An idea of aristocratic punk suited for the metropolitan environment arises: at Redemption fashion is a creative act that always maintains an eye on reality.

The refinement, timeless modernity and proud Italian craftsmanship, pillars of the house are given a resolute spin with the image of a fierce woman who faces the world in a frock coat, skinny pants and towering heels. Grace and ease are her weapons of seduction. She favors precise tailoring with military influences and airy blouses of indulgent sophistications. She loves embellishment, but mixes it or hides it under coarse, distressed surfaces. Biker jackets, blazers and tailored pants are her staples. The juxtaposition of the masculine and feminine, another Redemption signature, is a defining trait that becomes elegantly amplified, mixing austerity with decorative abandon.

Materials are delicate and intensely worked: brocades, mikado silk, fil coupè, cotton canvas. The color palette is a rich mix of purples, electric blues, military greens and classic black & white with metallic dashes.

The clash, for Redemption, is the essence of modern elegance.