Feeric Fashion Week, the biggest fashion week in Eastern Europe, ended the extraordinary week that transformed Transylvania in one of the most beautiful places in the international world of fashion. The event took place for two days in Alba Iulia and six days in Sibiu.

Feeric Fashion Week 2016 includes over 50 designers from all over the world and important international guests. This edition was as much of a celeb-fest as ever, but the performance aspect of the shows upped the anti no end and proved that this fashion week in Transylvania is big in the game of style. Their fashion aspect transformed into performance art and free expression as designers Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and Catch Michelle, brand ambassador of the upcoming label Yvan Andreu, Alejandro De Lomas, debuted their collections for Feeric Fashion Week. From urban style to ready-to-wear, Feeric Fashion Week has us covered on wrapping up next winter. But the most beautiful thing of this fashion week are the creative locations transformed in runways like a flour factory for Albec Bunsen from Spain, a clay castle for Charles and Ron from Malta, a royal garden for Ana Maria Galan from Spain, a pasta factory for Gina Cas and many other beautiful locations.

Along with celebrities from Romania, such as Dana Savuica, Ana Morodan, Dana Rogoz and Cosmina Pasarin, this event also included International guests like Andrea Garmendia, TV Star from Argentina, Anama Fereira, director of the most influential  model agency in Argentina, the famous Italian photographer Nicola Casini, Sherry Fan, from Sherry Models agency in Guangzhou, China and numerous journalists from Vogue Italia, Schon Magazine, Le Fashion Post or La Moda Channel from Barcelona.

Albec Bunsen Runway - Spain
Albec Bunsen Runway – Spain
Bianca Popp Runway - Romania
Bianca Popp Runway – Romania
Charles and Ron Runway - Malta
Charles and Ron Runway – Malta
Yvan Andreu Runway – Spain
Sarah Jessy Jones-9
Sarah Jessy Jones Runway – Argentina
Spoff Runway – Romania

Emma Viedma Runway - Paraguay
Emma Viedma Runway – Paraguay